Underwear Care Guide: Five Key Steps

Underwear is an integral part of our daily lives, so caring for it is essential to extend its life and maintain comfort. We’ve put together some easy-to-follow tips that, with careful care and proper maintenance, you can keep your underwear in tip-top shape and make them more comfortable for longer.

1. Choose a suitable washing method

The fabric of underwear is relatively delicate, so it is best to wash it by hand. Wash well with mild detergent and avoid using strong bleach or stain removers. If you need a washing machine, use a laundry bag and choose the gentle wash mode.

2. Replace regularly

Rotating different underwear can reduce the pressure and deformation caused by frequent wearing of a single piece of underwear, and can also reduce the possibility of increased bacterial growth caused by wearing it for many days in a row. Therefore, it is recommended to change underwear every one or two days to keep it clean. and hygienic while making them last longer.

3. Avoid tumble drying

Try to avoid using the dryer. The elasticity and fabric of underwear will lose elasticity and the fabric will deform under high temperatures. Choose to dry naturally, but avoid direct exposure to sunlight to prevent color fading and material deformation.

4. Store properly

Underwear should be stored flat or folded in the underwear closet and avoid hanging, as hanging may stretch the material and affect the texture and shape of the underwear. It’s best to store different types of underwear separately to prevent damage from friction between fabrics.

5. Regular inspection

Check your bra regularly for wear, especially the straps hooks, and eyes. If any wear or looseness is found, replace or repair it in time to avoid affecting the use effect and comfort of the underwear.

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